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Asherlee Naturals Hands on With Haircare

Hair care is now a big business. Persons are now taking steps to care for their natural hair. Sherelle Curtis launched a hair care line in 2014. She had a shampoo, deep conditioner, hair butter and sealant, LOC love butter and Vitamin B5 Leave-in Cream. She has added Cocoa Butter Twist and Define Cream, Flaxseed Hair Gellie, Treatment: Hair Redeemer-Protein Treatment and moisture product her Hair Revitalising Leave-in Conditioning Spray. She also made a few additions to the Loc line which includes Loc Leave in spray, Loc Oil and a re branding of the loc love butter.

Curtis always seeks to keep her customers happy and in doing so she listened to their requests and came up with these new additions. In the initial stages she was concerned about putting products on the market that were for overall hair care, now it is about the style which is where the hair gellie and the twist and define cream comes in. Also, she wanted to do more for the loc'd women who had come to try the brand.

Customers have gravitated to the Cocoa Butter Twist and Define cream that works on defining a twist out without the crunch of a gel. It also leaves the hair feeling moisturised.

As it pertained to the Pro vitamin-B5 and Marshmallow root leave-in conditioning cream has been improved by making it a lot more moisturising and Hydrating. Also, she added a more liquid and lighter version to cater to hair types that needed a lighter product. It also works as a moisturiser and detangler. In addition to these benefits, the spray does help to keep hair moisturised when one chooses to wear protective styles like crochet braids.

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